Canadian Mortgage Experts

Canadian Mortgage Experts


Rather than working with a single mortgage broker, when you work with the HomeHappy team you get the benefit of having an entire team with over 45 years of lending experience taking care of you, and that is a big deal. We have helped thousands of people just like you achieve their goals of home ownership, we have also been doing this long enough to see many of those people become mortgage free! We are with you from start to finish, even if that means the next 25 years!

We want your experience to be the best ever!  From the latest market research, industry leading mortgage underwriting, to the best in communication both during the mortgage process and after. We are always investing in helping you be mortgage free, sooner. It’s hard for a single person to handle everything, we believe the team approach works really well and that you will benefit.

The HomeHappy Team is part of Canadian Mortgage Experts powered by Dominion Lending Company. As the number one team for mortgage volume with the biggest mortgage brokerage in the country, we are afforded the best pricing from our lenders and have better negotiating power than anyone else in the industry. And we pass on all the savings directly to our clients!